Monday, December 21, 2009

Holistic Hiv Treatment

The holistic HIV treatment can cure HIV completely as holistic treatment will help Body mechanism to push out HIV from human body through Bio magnetic force. Holistic treatment is the only one successful treatment for HIV.

HIV is curable Through holistic HIV treatment The immune system is a network of cells, organs and proteins that work together to defend and protect the body from potentially harmful, infectious microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The immune system also plays a critical role in preventing the development and spread of many types of cancer. When the immune system is missing one or more of its components, the result is an immunodeficiency disorder. AIDS is an immunodeficiency disorder.

There are many type of HIV treatment available in many different medical systems. Many of them have their own scientific back ground and they have own procedure for treatment. Especially Holistic Treatment is really great and this method is being used around the world now. In all case success rate is 100%. No side effects to this treatment and often very easy to use.

The holistic method of HIV treatment is the holistic HIV treatment. It is a holistic treatment with bio-magnetic device and herbal medicine. As soon as the Bio Magnetic Device and medicines starts functioning, your Body weight will be up and viral count will come down while CD4 will be back to normal. Your secondary problems will go and you will be healthy again as normal as ever.

The main feature of Bio Magnetic Device, it will create a negative charge in human cells so that a bio magnetic field will be formed which will repel and push out all foreign bodies including HIV virus from body through excretion. Result will be cleaning of the body from virus etc. Herbal medicines will help that device for this.

Holistic medicines are divine and pure. Never create any bad effects to body and soul. They do not kill any thing but they block HIV from entering CD4 by creating a similar (negative) charge on CD4 cell's membrane which in due repels the HIV protein from settling on CD4 cell. And HIV will fail to attach to CD4 any more. HIV will be ousted out of body and patient will come back to life.

HIV will be destroyed and soon the body will start to gain weight. All symptoms will be subsided and CD4 count will be back to the normal. All opportunistic diseases will be cured as well.

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